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Friday, August 14, 2015

Bored Shorts as Chase Alias


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Friday, March 28, 2014

BBinBR, 2011 on Who I M : David S Pollack as Chase Alias, Immersion Art and Gonzo Journalism, 2011

BBinBR, 2011 on Who I M :  David Pollack as Chase Alias, Immersion Art and Gonzo Journalism, 2011

BBinBR, 2011,  from Chase Alias' series "Who IM", 2010 - 2014

“I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Who I M Series, 2010 - 2014, 
Affective Memory Screen Capture 
by Immersionist Chase Alias,
includes Instant Message Conversations.

Signed on front right, #ChaseAlias 2014
Signed on back, D Pollack 2014

It all began while working deep in character as Chase Alias on a series called What We Found on Craigslist...

Please hold while we ask bbinbr if he'd like to chat with you.
You are now chatting with bbinbr.
>> hey what are you up to?
bbinbr: just got on----u remind me of a friend from NYC
>> is that good
bbinbr: yea
>> What are you into
>> lookin for now?
bbinbr: i can host but not travel
>> Im in Black Rock, you?
bbinbr: i can get in2 most things except getting fucke3d
>> I dont drive
>> what area are you in
bbinbr: i'm in black rock 2
>> So I can walk probably
bbinbr: u know harborview market
>> what street, Im near lady luck
bbinbr: real close
>> I do
>> What do you wanna do if we get together?
bbinbr: what do u get in2?
>> I get into everything
>> does a little pnp bother you
>> ?
bbinbr: i'm ok with that maybe
>> what about 3somes
>> I bb Im assuming you do also?
>> Im neg
bbinbr: i not so much at least upon 1st meet
bbinbr: 3 somes
>> I agree
bbinbr: i'm bb an dneg 2
>> what would you wanna do if we meet tonight
bbinbr: i could suck, get sucked, rimm, fuck, nip play
>> sounds nice
>> how late are you up?
bbinbr: looks nice (like my frriend billly from Chelsea)
bbinbr: i'm always up late
>> I lived in chelsea for a while
>> are you up for another couple of hours
>> Im finishing some work
bbinbr: i lived on Greenwich St 4 30 yrs.--same place
>> cool
bbinbr: i usually am up till 5 or 6
>> me too
bbinbr: would u want 2 meet at harborview market
bbinbr: everymight i mean
>> can we meet at like 3:30
bbinbr: up to 5 or 6
bbinbr: every night
>> I work at night
bbinbr: that's good 
>> Im an artist
bbinbr: i'm bob 
>> we could meet at the market
>> Im Chase
bbinbr: i work at night 2 on internet
bbinbr: k hi chase

Because I work in Method Character I always shoot video.
The end result is a Video Screen capture.

Digital Res 32 Bit
29 x 36 inches
Limited to a Unique High Quality Print 
with signature #Chase Alias on front